Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Enhanced Security and Safety

Convenience and Comfort

Cost Savings and Return on Investment



Personalize Your property with our system and gadgets to your own liking, comfort and simplicity.

Easy Management

Home management with our user-friendly interface, giving you complete control over all your smart devices and gadgets from a single app or remote.

Secure & Personalized

Secure your home with advanced features and personalize your living with automated comfort and convenience solutions.

Stylish & Smart

Our gadgets go beyond aesthetics, providing advanced automation and control capabilities for other devices on the same network for a truly integrated and connected home.


Experience the ultimate in security, comfort, and entertainment with our comprehensive range of home and business solutions.

Alt Image Description: A residential house with automation features, shown with a modern interior design. The smart home system controls the lighting, temperature, and security of the house. A voice-activated assistant can be seen in the image, allowing the residents to control the home with their voice. The energy-efficient features of the smart home, such as the solar panels on the roof and the smart thermostat, are also visible in the image. The house is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience while minimizing environmental impact.
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From custom lighting to full-scale home theater and security systems, our  services cater to all your needs. Our team installs a variety of smart solutions, including automatic shades, thermostats, sound systems, security, smart TVs, and appliances, tailored to your unique requirements.

An office environment with Tritech portal automation solutions designed for corporate use. The image shows a modern workspace with automated features such as smart lighting, temperature control, and security systems. The automation system is integrated with a centralized control panel, enabling easy management and monitoring of the office environment.
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Business operations with our smart networking solutions, automated meeting rooms, and latest technology systems. We work with businesses of all sizes to bring their vision to life, while ensuring the highest level of security with advanced surveillance and intercom systems and other AV solutions.

Stay worry-free with TriTech Portal's full maintenance and support service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your smart home or business solutions run smoothly, providing you with peace of mind.
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Tritech provides support powered by IoT, AI, and predictive analytics, can prevent potential issues before they occur, saving time, money, and improving safety. This technology optimizes energy consumption, enhances security, and increases the lifespan of assets for homes and businesses.


Discover the possibilities of smart living with our extensive range of services, from personalized lighting to cutting-edge security and more.

Energy Saved kWh
Devices Connected
Smart Homes Upgrades
Offices Modernised



Our company proudly serves the New York, Brooklyn, and Connecticut areas, providing top-notch smart home solutions and services to enhance your comfort and security.


Just 3 simple steps – sign up with our easy-to-use system, tell us your needs, and choose a date that works for you. Our experienced team will take care of the rest, ensuring fast and reliable service and your complete satisfaction.

Step 1
Register on our platform: Provide your name, email address, and create a password to sign up for our platform and gain access to our services
Step 2
Leave a note: Use the ``Leave a Note`` button on your dashboard to communicate any necessary information or requests to our team.
Step 3
Pick a date from the calendar using the ``Book a Visit`` button on your dashboard and await confirmation from our team.


Smart Home Technologies at Your Fingertips


Our SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE PACKAGES are designed to provide comprehensive care for your smart home system. With regular check-ups and remote support, our membership plans ensure that your system is always functioning optimally. Choose from our Basic, Advanced, and Commercial plans to find the level of support that best suits your needs.


Basic Plan

Equipment Health Monitor w Report every 30 days

72hr response time guaranty

Includes 1 annual free service call up to 1hr

5% discount on equipment

Support line 8-5 Mon-Fri 


Commercial Plan

Equipment Health Monitor w Report every day

24hr response time guaranty

20% discount  on service call up to 1hr

10% discount on equipment

Personalized system upgrades

24/7 Support line


Advanced Plan

Equipment Health Monitor w Report every 7 days

48hr response time guaranty

Includes 2 annual free service call up to 1hr

10% discount on equipment

Support line 8-5 Mon-Fri

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